How to Get the Perfect Grip with One Tool

The art of fixing things, home improvement, car repair, appliances & equipment adjustments… we’ve all been there at least once. Things break down for numerous reasons, whether by accidents, weather conditions, negligence, or just plain overuse. Learning the basics of using repair tools can save a lot of time, especially when it comes to dealing with annoyingly unplanned situations.

The trick of handling any project around the house and outside is having the right tool, one that is designed to replace other tools, an all-in-one master that does the work and saves a lot of place in your tool box.

Magic Grip – the future of all sockets

Magic Grip is a universal socket that can replace your entire set of sockets. It fits and grips practically any shape and size of fasteners, from standard nuts & bolt heads, hex nuts, wing nuts, lag screws, and hooks, to rusted or broken nuts.

It gets every job easily done without the hassle of using several tools and finding the right socket each time.

With the Magic Grip, you’ll only need one tool!

How does it work?

Magic Grip is designed to use in difficult situations that ordinary tools could not always handle.

The socket contains 54 alloy pins made of the highest quality of steel. When placed on a fastener, the Magic Grip pins readjust and configure according to the fastener’s shape and size, enabling it to easily grip and screw or unscrew various objects, like faucets, hinges, pedals, heavy machinery joints, etc., making the Magic Grip an ideal choice for heavy-duty personal or professional use.

The outer steel pins grab the edge of the fastener, whilst the inner ones retract and quickly lock and turn any shape and size of wing nut, anchor wedges, studs, and eyelet.

This innovative power tool enables you to work with any kind of fastener, whether metric or imperial, round, square or hexagonal shaped.

Features & specs

  • Professional grade universal socket wrench.
  • Specially designed to adjust all fasteners, any shape and size.
  • Sturdy and solid, made of Military Grade Steel.
  • Quickly and easily screws and unscrews rusted nuts, bolts, wedges, etc.
  • Extremely useful for household, outdoors, construction, and automotive maintenance.
  • Replaces your entire socket set.


  • Grip size range 7mm (1/4") - 19mm (3/4'')
  • Maximum depth: 9,5 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 25,4 mm
  • Net Weight: 166g
  • Max torque: 150ft. lbs.

Package contains:

  • 1 x Universal Socket
  • 1 x Power Drill Adapter

Pricing & shipping

The Original Magic Grip Tool is available at the price of $116, $29 (50% Discount Per Unit) Free Shipping if you order today! *Subject to availability in stock

The Magic Grip is perfect for any small scaled duties around the house, garage, and workplace. People very much praise about how much this cool socket can do and yet remain surprised of how well the Magic Grip works after years of use.

Verdict: A must-have for any household!